Amazon julkisti Astro-robotin, Cloudflare haluaa olla neljäs iso pilvipalvelu ja Amazonin New Worlidilla teknisiä ongelmia julkaisupäivänään.

Lisäksi Tim Sweeneyn näkemyksiä metaversestä.

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Amazon julkisti kuluttajille suunnatun Robotin

Amazon on julkistanut ensimmäisen kuluttajille suunnatun robottinsa. Robotin nimi on Astro, ja se maksaa 1000 dollaria. Laitteen voi tosin tilata vain jos on Amazonin Day 1 Editions -tuotteiden kutsulistalle. Mainsovideon Astrosta voi katsoa alla.

Lisätietoja The Vergeltä:

The Astro, which will initially cost $999.99 and available as a Day 1 Edition product that you can request an invite for the privilege of buying, is Amazon’s most ambitious in-home product yet. Amazon sees it as bringing together many different parts of the company — robotics, AI, home monitoring, cloud services — all into one device. Best described as the love child between a Roomba and an Echo Show smart display, the Astro is meant to be the next step in what Amazons believes to be the seemingly inevitable home robot.

Amazon claims the Astro can do a wide variety of things you might want from a home robot. It can map out your floor plan and obey commands to go to a specific room. It can recognize faces and deliver items to a specific person. It can play music and show you the weather and answer questions like any Echo smart display. It can be used for video calls, always keeping you in frame by literally following your movements. It can roam around your house when you aren’t home, making sure everything is okay. It can raise its periscope camera to show you whether you’ve turned the stove off. It can use third-party accessories to record data like blood pressure.

Robotti itsessään vaikuttaa aika rajoittuneelta, enkä nyt heti ainakaan koe suurta FOMO:a kun en sellaista pysty hankkimaan. Mutta mielenkiinnolla odotan, miten Astro-mallisto kehittyy.

Cloudflare haluaa olla neljäs iso pilvialusta

Pilvipalvelu Cloudflare on kertonut uudesta R2-tietovarastosta. Nimi on kuittaus Amazonin S3-palvelua kohti. Toisin kuin S3, R2 ei tule veloittamaan datan R2:sta pois siirtämisestä (ns. egress maksut). Palvelun API:t tulevat olemaan yhteensopivia S3:n kanssa, ja yhtiö toivookin näin houkuttelevan kehittäjiä. Palvelu tulee olemaan myös 10 % S3:a halvempi. Protocolilta:

Cloudflare is ready to launch a new cloud object storage service that promises to be cheaper than the established alternatives, a step the company believes will catapult it into direct competition with AWS and other cloud providers.

The service will be called R2 — "one less than S3," quipped Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince in an interview with Protocol ahead of Cloudflare's announcement Tuesday morning. Cloudflare will not charge data-egress fees for customers using R2, taking direct aim at the fees AWS charges developers to move data out of its widely popular S3 storage service.

R2 will run across Cloudflare's global network, which is most known for providing anti-DDoS services to its customers by absorbing and dispersing the massive amounts of traffic that accompany denial-of-service attacks on websites. It will be compatible with S3's API, which makes it much easier to move applications already written with S3 in mind, and Cloudflare said that beyond the elimination of egress fees, the new service will be 10% cheaper to operate than S3.

"We are aiming to be the fourth major public cloud," Prince said. Cloudflare already offers a serverless compute service called Workers, and Prince thinks that adding a low-cost storage service will encourage more developers and companies to build applications around Cloudflare's services.

Protocolin artikkelin mukaan, Apple maksoi AWS:lle vuonna 2020 lähtömaksuja n. 50 miljoonan dollarin edestä, mikä vastasi n. 6,5 % Applen kokonais kulutuksesta AWS:ssä.

Amazonin New World pelillä julkaisupäivänä teknisiä ongelmia

Amazon on vihdoin julkaissut New World pelinsä, joka on massiiviseen monen pelaajan verkkopeli eli MMO. Peli on ilmeisen suosittu, sillä se kärsi julkaisupäivänään suuren kysynnän aiheuttamista serveriongelmista. Ironista tässä on tietenkin se, että pelinkehittäjän emoyhtiö omistaa myös maailman suurimman pilvipalvelun, joten voisi olettaa että kehittäjillä on tarpeeksi resursseja tämän ongelman ratkaisemiseksi. Kotakulta:

Amazon’s new massively multiplayer online role-playing game New World opened its doors earlier today, reaching a peak of over 700,000 players. That said, not even Jeff Bezos’ piggy bank has kept the MMO’s grand debut from being plagued with the usual launch day woes, including ridiculous wait times to just play the game.

New World individual server capacity is currently capped at 2,000 players which, when multiplied by the 233 global servers, means as many as 466,000 users should be able to play Amazon’s MMO at the same time. With new-game interest pushing the user count hundreds of thousands of players above what is currently feasible, however, folks who log into the game are now running headfirst into crowds of their fellow, aspiring adventurers.

Amazonilla on ollut haastava historia pelintekemisen kanssa, mutta New World vaikuttaa yhtiön lupaavimmalta peliltä tähän mennessä.

Suosittelut 🕵️

Tim Sweeneyn näkemyksiä metaversestä

Washington Post julkaisi haastattelun Epicin toimitusjohtajan, Tim Sweeneyn, kanssa. Haastattelun keskiössä oli Epicin suunnitelmat Metaverseä varten.

To Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, people are tired of how today’s Internet operates. He says the social media era of the Internet, a charge led by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, has separated commerce from the general audience, herding users together and directing them to targets of the company’s choosing rather than allowing free exploration.

“Now we’re in a closed platform wave, and Apple and Google are surfing that wave too,” Sweeney said. “As we get out of this, everybody is going to realize, ‘Okay we spent the last decade being taken advantage of.'"

Sweeneyn määritelmä metaversestä:

The simplest way to define the metaverse is as an evolution of how users interact with brands, intellectual properties and each other on the Internet. The metaverse, to Sweeney, would be an expansive, digitized communal space where users can mingle freely with brands and one another in ways that permit self-expression and spark joy. It would be a kind of online playground where users could join friends to play a multiplayer game like Epic’s “Fortnite” one moment, watch a movie via Netflix the next and then bring their friends to test drive a new car that’s crafted exactly the same in the real world as it would be in this virtual one. It would not be, Sweeney said, the manicured, ad-laden news feed presented by platforms like Facebook.

Jos metaverse kiinnostaa, niin tuo on lukemisen arvoinen artikkeli.

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